Advanced Computers was founded in August, 1989 by Rick Anderson. He was dissatisfied with the poor treatment of customers by the company he was working for in 1989. Knowing that he could give the customer better value through better service, and do so profitably, the new company was launched. (The company was first named Delmarva Microsystems before incorporating.) In 2011 we shortened the trade name to “Advanced Computers” in conjunction with the move to our new location at 935 Mt. Hermon Road, Salisbury, MD 

At first only service and support was offered. Quickly the customer’s were asking for a “one-stop” solution because they enjoyed the great service. The company started selling hardware about three months after starting, and then Novell Networking in November of 1989. Soon other employees were added for support services in order to keep up with the sales growth. The company moved from a humble two-room office into a retail fronted building. Another salesperson was added, more service technicians, and the company took off! In 1993 a 9,000 square foot building was purchased to allow room for growth. It is where the company is located today. 

Advanced Computers has never forgotten the basic premise upon which it was founded: Give the customer the best service possible and look out for the customer’s best interests, and success will follow. 

The company continues to grow. The products have evolved over the years… Microsoft Networking has replaced Novell as the dominant network operating system, and several PC brands are no longer around. 

Great service is still the number one reason our customer’s remain loyal to us. We remain loyal to them as well. Our promise is to remain dedicated to always providing the best products and services possible! Call us today.